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Konnect by Blueline

Internet revolution in Madagascar

Madagascar is about to experience a telecommunications revolution thanks to Konnect by Blueline. This new satellite internet solution promises to provide fast and reliable connectivity across the country, opening the door to new economic and social opportunities.

A fast and stable internet connection

Konnect by Blueline is based on state-of-the-art technology from Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading commercial satellite operators. With 99.5 % availability, this solution guarantees a stable Internet connection with speeds of up to 50 Mbps or 6.25 Mbps. This performance ensures a seamless online experience for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

In line with its mission to provide affordable Internet connectivity for all, Blueline has designed competitive tariffs. For example, the 5GB HP + 150GB HC package is priced at just 75,000 MGA, offering an affordable solution for heavy users. In addition, Blueline offers flexible options, with or without commitment, by volume or unlimited, and with or without guarantee, to meet the specific needs of each user or business.

This major technological advance represents an exceptional opportunity for Madagascar, opening up new prospects for the country’s economic and social development. With high-speed Internet connectivity throughout Madagascar thanks to Konnect by Blueline, residents can now connect to the rest of the world quickly and efficiently, transforming the way the country interacts with the global sphere.

interacts with the global sphere. The possibilities are endless, and this Internet revolution promises to leave its mark on the country’s history.


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