Editorial Guidelines

Latest update : 23/07/2023


Capmad is an online business media covering news on Madagascar, the Indian Ocean, and the African continent. Professionalism, probity, and seriousness are the watchwords of our journalistic vocation.
Capmad is the leading media for all economic columns, both local and international, across the African continent.

Commitment and objective:

Our various economic contents (articles, news, reports, short/long films, case studies, economic reports…) enable investors, major groups, consulting firms, or decision-makers to obtain:

  • Relevant information on a specific economic sector
  • Insights for economic projects to be implemented
  • News from business leaders
  • Etc.

Opening doors to local and international investors so they can understand the economic potential of countries, and above all, encouraging businesses to showcase their potential to an international audience.

Sources :

Every day, our editorial teams analyze and verify diverse sources and data from reliable sources, applying strict and rigorous fact-checking. Supervised by the publication director, Mrs. Erica San, we publish only when we are certain of our information sources.
In support and for high value-added information, we collaborate with economic experts, financial analysts, and companies to bring economic information that reflects the realities of the different countries/sectors covered.

Capmad in one word

“Time spent in reflection is time saved”. This age-old quote from a renowned thinker is the guiding principle of our editorial line. In short, Capmad helps you save time by providing high-quality economic publications to make the best decisions for your business.

Contact us :

If you have any further questions, please contact the following people:

  • Publishing Director

Ms. Erica San: [email protected]

  • Editorial Secretary

Mr. Hervé Delorg: [email protected]