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madagascar analanjirofo vanilla campaign

Analanjirofo : Start of the vanilla campaign

Ban on selling vanilla before official dates The sale of green vanilla for the 2024 harvest season has begun in the coastal region of Analanjirofo. Other

madagascar FORMAPROD

Formaprod : Training over 100,000 young people in the agricultural sector

Increasing incomes and boosting productivity among young people After a decade of dedication and transformation, the vocational training and agricultural productivity improvement program (Formaprod) has concluded

madagascar shrimp industry

Shrimp industry : Revenues of 1.5 million USD in three months

Promising sector According to the latest information from the Ministry of Fisheries and the Blue Economy, vessels licensed for the 2024 campaign generated revenues of 1.6

madagascar international agriculture fair

International agriculture fair : Boosting the agricultural sector

Promoting economic growth The sixth edition of the International Agriculture Fair (FIA), which will take place from September 12 to 15 at the Forello Exhibition Park,

seychelles lobster fishing

Combating illegal lobster fishing in the Seychelles

Addressing Challenges and Crafting Solutions in the Fishing Industry A recent independent fisheries survey indicates that illegal fishing may cause a decline in the lobster population

madagascar aquaculture production

Aquaculture production in Madagascar : Four-year plan in view

Addressing increasing food demand In 2023, aquaculture production in Madagascar surpassed 30,000 tons. However, to meet the country’s needs, which amount to over 307,000 tons per

madagascar essential oils

Launch of an information website for the essential oils sector

Importance of access to reliable information on the sector The platform « Essential Oils from A to Z » is now open to everyone, announced during

madagascar rice production

Rice production : Reaching 5.6 million tons in 2024

Increasing rice production by 10 to 15 % An ambitious program has been launched by Suzelin Ratohiarijaona, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (Minae), aiming to renovate

madagascar pink berries 2024 campaign

Pink Berries of Madagascar : Launch of the 2024 campaign

Initiatives to develop this strategic sector The campaign for the collection, exportation, and sale of pink peppercorns kicks off in the municipality of Mandiso, located in

mauritius agricultural

Promoting agricultural innovation in Mauritius

Encouraging roselle cultivation Mahen Seeruttun, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, visited a Roselle field in Montagne-Longue. He was accompanied by agricultural students to provide them

MECC 2024 madagascar canada

MECC 2024 : Agribusiness at the heart of the 5th economic mission to Canada

Facilitating trade between Madagascar and Canada In order to increase collaboration and exports to Canada, as well as investment in Madagascar, the Economic Transformation Project for

Voanjo donga : Peanut variety more widely grown in Madagascar

Increasing groundnut production in different regions Voanjo donga, a new peanut species in Madagascar, is gaining popularity for its higher oil content. This variety is viewed