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Electronic Payment : Nebula FinTech Limited Unveils New App

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Electronic Payment : Nebula FinTech Limited Unveils New App

Online payment solution to facilitate transactions

Nebula FinTech Limited has officially launched « eboo », its new online payment platform, accessible via the IOS App Store and Google Play Store.

« eboo » is a digital wallet app that empowers users to conduct online transactions and manage finances directly from their smartphones or other devices. The app is already live, with only a few minor adjustments underway, set to be completed in the coming days.

The official launch ceremony occurred at the Savoy Resort & Spa, attended by Vice President Ahmed Afif. The application has two versions: « eboo Seychelles », designed for citizens as a personal wallet, and « eboo Business Seychelles », catering to merchants and businesses. CTO Nicholas Cétoupe mentioned « that the current version underwent internal testing since early January to ensure perfection before public use ».

To register, users need a valid ID card or passport and a cell phone number. The initial step involves phone number verification through a one-time password. The user’s profile is linked to the phone number, which can be modified and verified later. The subsequent step includes uploading identification documentation, allowing the application to automatically extract relevant information when a photo is taken.

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