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Mayotte : Urgent need for medical caregivers

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Mayotte : Urgent need for medical caregivers

Recruitment Challenges in the Security Context

The Mayotte Hospital Center (CHM) is facing a shortage of qualified medical caregivers in several sectors such as midwives and gynecologists-obstetricians.

The largest maternity ward in France, the Mayotte Hospital Center, is experiencing increase tensions in both paramedical and medical staffing. Meanwhile, the number of births continues to rise, with several patients arriving without regular prenatal care before childbirth.

Therefore, recruiting qualified healthcare workers has become imperative to provide proper care. Dr. Serhal, head of the gynecology-obstetrics department at CHM, emphasizes the need to hire experienced medical staff, particularly those trained in obstetrics. However, these recruitments are increasingly difficult, particularly in the prevailing security context on the island.

Midwives Expected in January

Recruiting midwives remains a priority to address shortages in Mayotte’s maternity units. In early 2024, around 20 midwives are expected, followed by about fifteen in February. Dr. Serhal discusses the need to find ways to ensure service quality. The current water crisis on the island also contributes to making Mayotte less appealing for mainland practitioners, despite the efforts made by the CHM Directorate and the Mayotte Regional Health Agency (ARS).

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