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Partnership between OGEA and the Chamber of Notaries

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Partnership between OGEA and the Chamber of Notaries

Extending mutual assistance between businesses and notaries

On March 11, 2024, OGEA Réunion and the Chamber of Notaries of the island concluded a partnership agreement to expand mutual support between their members.

OGEA Réunion represents a group of over 4,000 members. Due to the small size of their companies, these entrepreneurs often find themselves overwhelmed by the daily demands of management and leadership. Through this collaboration, the Chamber of Notaries will assist entrepreneurs seeking legal advice regarding the compliance of their transactions and the management of their assets. « Facilitating our members’ access to the notarial profession is a fundamental aspect of our support duty », expressed OGEA Réunion President Abdoullah Mollan.

Starting April 18, 2024, OGEA members will benefit from notarial consultations every third Thursday of the month. Additionally, members will have access to OGEA Masterclasses led by the Chamber of Notaries of La Réunion and will receive updates through cross-communication channels. In return, this public institution can leverage the mixed management organization’s (OMGA) intervention on tax prevention issues. The Chamber of Notaries is also invited to OGEA Réunion’s annual event, « The Village of Independents and Entrepreneurs », scheduled for June 13, 2024, at the Golf du Bassin Bleu. « This collaboration will enable notaries to share their expertise and know-how while strengthening their ties with the business community », emphasized Chamber of Notaries President Maître Nency Leung-Yen-Fond Giraud.

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