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The Precinct: Africa’s first certified EcoDistrict Commercial Complex

Located at the entrance of Grand Baie in Mauritius, The Precinct, a commercial office complex consisting of three buildings, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming Africa’s first commercial complex to obtain the prestigious Eco-District certification.

Greg Pearson, CEO and co-founder of Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA), a subsidiary of Grit Real Estate Income Group (Grit), a London-listed company and the developer of The Precinct, shared his thoughts on this achievement on July 31st: « We are extremely proud to have obtained the Eco-District certification for The Precinct. This marks the first time a commercial project in Africa has achieved such status, underscoring our vision to create global real estate benchmarks on the continent. The Eco-Districts Protocol represents a rigorous framework for sustainable urban development, focused on meeting the needs of the population and promoting economic vitality within local neighborhoods and districts ».

The Eco District certification represents a significant step in our commitment to responsible real estate development and minimizing its carbon footprint. This achievement adds to the recently obtained 5-star Green Star certification for The Precinct’s Unity Building. In addition to this iconic asset, GREA has also developed the recently inaugurated Artemis Curepipe Hospital and is currently involved in the construction of the Artemis Coromandel Oncology Center, both located in Mauritius.

Shevira Bissessor, Chief Operating Officer of GREA and Head of ESG for Grit, explains: « The Eco-District certification is based on three main imperatives: equity, resilience, and climate protection. Assessors consider six priority areas, including peace, prosperity, health and well-being, connectivity, ecological infrastructure, and resource generation, among others, in their evaluation process. The Eco-District certification primarily aims to guide us towards a carbon-neutral future, and our progress toward these goals will be measured every two years to maintain this certification ».

To obtain the Eco-District and 5-star Green Star certifications for the Unity Building, independent consultants, including Solid Green, provided valuable guidance. Grit, as the main tenant of The Precinct, has its global headquarters within the complex.

Bronwyn Knight, co-founder, and CEO of Grit, concludes: « Owning this iconic property like The Precinct is the best way to demonstrate that world-class standards are achievable in Africa. The story of The Precinct speaks to a recognition of African talent. This complex was designed to set a global standard in Africa, welcoming multinational tenants active on the continent. The essence of The Precinct is to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs with a shared vision, encouraging them to collaborate on ideas and initiatives that will shape the future ».


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