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Indian Ocean : 40th anniversary of the Victoria Agreement

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Indian Ocean : 40th anniversary of the Victoria Agreement

Agreement that led to the creation of the IOC (Indian Ocean Commission)

January 10, 2024, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Victoria Agreement. This event highlights the historical significance that took place in Seychelles in 1984.

This agreement served as the catalyst that officially established the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC). A regional intergovernmental organization bringing together the five Island States of the southwestern Indian Ocean, namely the Union of Comoros, France-Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles. The creation of the IOC dates back to the Port-Louis Declaration of 1982, stemming from a preparatory conference of foreign ministers in the Indian Ocean region held in Mauritius in December 1982.

To better grasp the ramifications of this historic agreement and its current implications, Capmad invites you to visit the official page of the organization at commissionoceanindien.org. This platform provides readers with an opportunity to delve into the details of the IOC’s creation and understand its crucial role in fostering harmonious development and cooperation among the island states in the region.

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