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Mayotte : Implementation of the Ohada/Comesa program

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Mayotte : Implementation of the Ohada/Comesa program

Objective of Ohada in the African business world

Training courses are held in the Comoros, Mayotte, and Madagascar as part of the Ohada/Comesa program. At a time when economic cooperation between Mayotte and Africa is taking shape, a legal and economic framework is essential.

Ohada is an organization for the harmonization of business law in Africa. It has 17 member states, stretching diagonally from Senegal to the Comoros. They are generally French-speaking countries, except Equatorial Guinea, which is Spanish-speaking, and Guinea-Bissau, which is Portuguese-speaking. Ohada aims to achieve legal integration through the implementation of uniform rules of business law in its member countries.

Specifically, any investor in Senegal, Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Chad, Cameroon, or Côte d’Ivoire will be subject to the same rules. Specifically, in several areas such as company law, cooperative law, arbitration law, collective redress, enforcement law and simplified recovery procedures, etc.

Common economic market thanks to COMESA

The objective of COMESA is more economic. The objective is to create a common market between the countries of Southern Africa. In reality, it goes beyond this region, since the organization’s member states include countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. Countries such as Mauritius and Madagascar are also members. In effect, Comesa covers an entire part of Africa, from north to south, intending to create a free trade area between these countries.

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