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Best USD virtual cards in Africa

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Best USD virtual cards in Africa

Virtual dollar cards make it significantly easier for residents of African countries to conduct online transactions on popular digital services and make purchases on international platforms. Capmad explores the top 5 virtual cards on the continent, all featuring transparent online transactions and enhanced security features.


PSTNET offers virtual cards compatible with Visa and Mastercard, suitable for unrestricted global use. These versatile cards cater to various needs, including specialized options for managing payments on platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

The most popular card from this FinTech service is the Ultima card. The Ultima is a 3D Secure virtual dollar card that ensures all transactions are securely protected. It can be used on platforms such as PayPal, Steam, Spotify, Netflix, Patreon, Unity 3D, and app stores like Google Play, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Epic Games Store.

Advantages of the ultima card :

  • Unlimited spending and recharges: No spending or reload limits.
  • Low recharge fees: Modest 2 % fee for card reloads.
  • Flexible recharge options : Fund the card using cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, or any Visa/Mastercard.
  • Zero commission : No fees for transactions, withdrawals, or declined payments.
  • Easy registration : Sign up in less than 5 minutes using Google, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Apple ID.
  • Convenient notifications : Receive 3DS codes and service updates via a Telegram bot.

Chipper cash

Chipper Cash, a financial app, issues virtual cards for local payments in Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa. Additionally, the service offers a dollar card for international transactions, facilitating money transfers.

This virtual card operates on the VISA payment system, allowing transactions on popular platforms such as Netflix, Apple, Spotify, Google, and AliExpress.

Advantages of the chipper card :

  • High spending and recharge limits : Spend up to 1,000 USD/day and 4,000 USD/month.
  • Affordable fees : Low issuance and maintenance fees.
  • Easy recharge : Add funds to your card from your account.


PayDay is a digital financial platform known for issuing e-wallets and virtual cards. Users must install the PayDay app and create an e-wallet to access the service features. This wallet stores financial assets and facilitates recharging virtual card balances.

For international transactions, users can choose cards with VISA, MasterCard, or Verve International payment systems. PayDay cards are ideal for receiving money transfers from abroad. For instance, freelancers working for companies in the United States can receive payments directly to their PayDay cards. These cards can also be used for purchases on popular platforms or to pay for digital subscriptions.

Advantages of the PayDay card :

  • Fixed limits: 1,333 USD per day and transfer.
  • Recharge via PayDay Wallet : Convert currency to USD in your account.
  • Withdraw funds : Withdraw money from your wallet to any local bank partnered with PayDay.
  • Verification process : Varies by country of residence.


Kuda is a FinTech company licensed by several central banks in Africa. The company offers virtual VISA dollar cards, which can be used to pay for global digital services such as Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Showmax, and more.

Advantages of the Kuda virtual card:

  • Spending limits : Maximum expenditure of about 215 USD or more, depending on individual conditions.
  • Recharge options : Recharge via bank transfer from any affiliated bank or visit a partner bank branch for cash recharges.
  • Verification levels : Higher verification levels provide additional benefits, such as 25 free monthly transactions.
  • Easy card issuance : Download the app and complete the data verification by adding an ID.
  • Loan program : Offers loans up to 130 USD, with a single repayment including interest added to the monthly payment.


Flutterwave is a financial platform that issues virtual transaction cards. These cards facilitate international money transfers, payment reception, and digital service payments. The cards can be customized for different types of payments.

Advantages of the Flutterwave virtual card :

  • No transfer limit : No limits on transfers.
  • Easy card issuance : Download the app and complete the KYC verification.

Sector dominated by the American Giant Visa

Visa holds nearly 47 % of the UEMOA market in terms of the number of cards issued, in collaboration with the Groupement Interbancaire Monétique (GIM). Established in February 2003, GIM brings together over 80 banks in the region to promote the use of bank cards.

The future of bank cards on the continent looks promising. Visa and Mastercard, the two major American companies, cannot afford to leave the field open to their international competitors, notably the globally leading Chinese UnionPay, as well as local competitors.


In summary, the landscape of banks and virtual cards in African countries is rapidly evolving to meet the growing demand for flexible and secure financial transactions. When choosing the right provider, consider factors such as fees, exchange rates, ease of use, and customer support.

Stay informed about regulatory changes and new market entrants who may offer improved services or better value for money in the dynamic African fintech space.

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