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Position trading in stock trading : Complete guide

Position trading is a long-term strategy where traders hold assets for months or even years. Modern trading platforms offer advanced tools and resources to support these

Cross-border digital payments : NALA raises 40 million USD

NALA secures 40 million USD to drive global expansion and launch its own payment networks across Africa and beyond. The finTech specializes in international payments for

Innovation in Rwanda : Key to financial sector growth

Innovations in Rwanda’s financial sector are pivotal to its economic recovery, with annual growth averaging 7.2 %. Mobile banking, expanded communication networks, and growth-focused policies are

Best USD virtual cards in Africa

Virtual dollar cards make it significantly easier for residents of African countries to conduct online transactions on popular digital services and make purchases on international platforms.

African Union plans for its own Credit Rating Agency

The African Union is contemplating the establishment of an independent credit rating agency aimed at providing more accurate assessments of financial risks to governments in the

Airpay : Building Financial Literacy in Tanzania

Airpay, a global fintech company from India, solidifies its presence in East Africa. The platform operates in 12 African countries, the main goal is to enhance

Top female financial thought leaders to follow in Africa

Women excelling in finance are driving financial inclusion in Africa. These trailblazing experts in economic strategies disrupt male-dominated norms by offering innovative solutions, particularly in fintech.

Nigeria and South Africa are entering the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to completely transform the African financial system by offering much more competition with traditional means of transaction such as banks. The success

India and Tanzania plan to expand trade in local currencie

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi to strengthen trade via local currencies. Win-win economic agreement between

Bridging the financial gender gap in Africa

Inequality in access to bank credit results in a 42 billion USD financing gap for women entrepreneurs in Africa. This lack of financing has a negative

Regional Economic Integration in Africa

Regional integration in Africa is a crucial factor for the economic development of the continent. African leaders must work together to promote the economic growth of

1 billion USD : Increase access to climate finance for youth-led businesses

African youth at the forefront of climate action: AfDB commits 1 billion USD to climate adaptation efforts. African Development Bank financial support for African youth Nearly