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Thierry Hebraud new CEO of MCB

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Thierry Hebraud new CEO of MCB

Thierry Hebraud, previously Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking at MCB, has been selected to succeed Alain Law Min as the Chief Executive Officer of the banking division of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Group. This appointment comes following the retirement of Alain Law Min in November 2023, and the group is committed to ensuring a seamless transition in leadership within the banking division.

The formalities for Thierry Hebraud’s official appointment are underway, and a specific date has yet to be set. He joined MCB in late 2019, bringing over 35 years of extensive experience in Corporate and Investment Banking. Throughout his distinguished career, he has held key leadership roles within the Crédit Agricole group across Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

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