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Tourism in Madagascar : A positive trend

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Tourism in Madagascar : A positive trend

Positive Growth in Tourism in Madagascar

Madagascar is experiencing impressive tourism growth in 2023. According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, more than 157,000 tourists visited the country in the first nine months of the year. However, to quickly reach 2019 levels and attract more international travelers, further action is needed.

Fast-growing sector

Madagascar, rich in biodiversity and natural attractions, is positioning itself as a unique tourist destination. Investment opportunities in this sector are promising, with untapped potential for the hotel industry, airlines, transport infrastructure, and tourism services.

Challenges to overcome

However, several challenges stand in the way of continued growth in tourism. One of the key issues is improving air services, both internationally and nationally. The shortage of an air fleet to meet current demand is a crucial obstacle to overcome.

In addition, the rehabilitation of national roads and access routes to tourist areas is essential to ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience. This will enhance Madagascar’s attractiveness as a destination.

Lucrative investment opportunities

For investors, Madagascar offers fertile ground. Abundant natural resources, a diverse culture, and a skilled workforce create a favorable environment for investment. Opportunities come in many forms, from investment in agriculture and ecotourism to renewable energy production.

Madagascar is a destination with great potential for well-informed investors. The current challenges in the tourism sector open the door to investment opportunities that can offer attractive returns. Join this exciting adventure and contribute to the sustainable development of this magnificent island in the Indian Ocean.


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