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Mayotte : Tourism sector anticipates a decrease in activities

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Mayotte : Tourism sector anticipates a decrease in activities

Impacts on Mayotte’s Tourism

Mayotte has enforced a swimming ban in its southern region from December 24th to January 6th, 2024, This initiative has caused a wave of uncertainties within the tourism sector.

The long-term implications of this swimming ban could be detrimental to Mayotte’s tourism industry. The ban might lead to a significant decrease in tourists, resulting in reduced bookings and hotel revenues.

The economic consequences might extend beyond the hotel sector, affecting other businesses reliant on tourist influx. On average, Mayotte hosts around 50,000 tourists annually, generating approximately 36 million EUR in revenues per year, according to INSEE. The ban on swimming in the south of Mayotte underscores the delicate balance between enforcing environmental or safety regulations and ensuring economic stability.

Striking a Balance Between Public Safety and Economic Activity

The announcement of the ban has cast a shadow over the once vibrant beaches in the French overseas department of Mayotte. Typically bustling sands now wear a deserted look as disappointed holidaymakers scramble to find alternative ways to spend their year-end vacations. Meanwhile, local businesses, reliant on tourist activities, grapple with the fear of economic hardships and potential staff layoffs.

Although the reasons behind this unexpected ban have not been disclosed, such measures are generally taken to ensure public safety, protect the environment, or preserve wildlife. However, these measures can inadvertently disrupt the economic balance, as evident in the current situation in Mayotte.

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