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Positive 2023 assessment for Aerial Metric

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Positive 2023 assessment for Aerial Metric

Providing Cutting-Edge Technological Solutions to Humanitarian Actors

Aerial Metric has reviewed its accomplishments in 2023, highlighting its drones that completed over 1,500 flights to the most inaccessible areas. This initiative enabled access to healthcare for over a million people, covering more than 142,500 km and delivering over 2.5 kg of medication.

The startup expressed gratitude to its team and partners, emphasizing that each kilometer traveled and each Basic Health Center reached represented a life touched. This success was hailed as an exceptional year for Aerial Metric.

The company continues to invest in aerial data acquisition and precise mapping development. Leveraging drone technologies, it can now conduct rapid topographic surveys over vast, sometimes inaccessible areas at unbeatable costs.

Aerial Metric is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to humanitarian and development actors (NGOs, UN agencies, governments, etc.), especially in public health, environmental research, and emergency interventions. Over the past five years, in partnership with the government of Madagascar, the company has specifically designed cargo drones for delivering essential healthcare products to the most remote populations, including antimalarials, antibiotics, contraceptives, and water treatment tablets.

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