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Launch of Mayotte eFormation

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Launch of Mayotte eFormation

Launch of Mayotte eFormation: An innovative approach to professional training

The public interest group Carif-Oref recently launched Mayotte eFormation, an innovative platform, offering a new digital approach in the field of professional training.

Carif-Oref aims to revolutionize the field of professional training in Mayotte by launching a digital platform that offers innovative solutions, development opportunities, and international exposure for training providers. Designed to meet Mayotte’s specific needs, this initiative has sparked keen interest among local training stakeholders. As of April 2023, 18 Mahoran organizations have joined the project, and Mayotte eFormation offers a free alternative for professionals and individuals.

The platform aims to increase training organizations’ visibility by securely centralizing their training content and schedules. It also provides remote, unrestricted access to training beneficiaries through either an online portal or a dedicated app. Pedagogical monitoring and continuous evaluation allow trainees to track their progress and avoid dropping out. Thanks to its intuitive and customizable interface, this tool allows professionals to present their dematerialized training programs, broadcast online courses, and access statistical data to improve the quality of their structures, with the possibility of engaging pedagogical and technical assistance.

Funded by grants and public partners, particularly within the Ultramarine Pact for Investment in Skills (Puic) framework, Mayotte eFormation aims to support training structures in obtaining certification from the National Quality Standard, known as Qualiopi. This certification is essential for claiming public and/or shared funding.

Mayotte eFormation is part of a broader approach aimed at developing local skills, reducing logistical costs, and offering greater flexibility in terms of schedules and travel. By supporting training providers in Mayotte, Carif-Oref contributes to strengthening the local economy to position the island as an innovative player in the field of training and a major player on the international Francophone stage. Collaborations with external partners are planned to promote exchanges and development opportunities.

With this modern approach, Mayotte positions itself as a pilot and initiator, ready to meet the challenges of the digital world and seize the opportunities that arise.

Ianja Ny

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