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Invest in NTIC in Mauritius

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Invest in NTIC in Mauritius

Mauritius, a paradise for investment in NTIC

Today, the NTIC (Nouvelles Technologie d’Information et de Communication) sector is prominent in the Mauritian economy’s gears. The island is paradisiacal for tourists as much as it is for investors in the NTIC sector.

With a contribution of 7% to GDP, according to Statistics Mauritius, this field of activity becomes an economic pillar for the country. In 2021, while other sectors were suffering from the pandemic, exports of computer services reached a value of about 45 billion MUR or about 1 billion EUR. Mauritius is therefore a place where web development companies, cybersecurity, or outsourcing such as call centers can thrive.

The take-off of the IT sector in Mauritius was still unthinkable a decade ago. Today, the situation has changed thanks to its favorable economic environment for investment. Indeed, the measures put in place stimulate foreign investment, mainly towards NTIC. Regarding employment, young people are supported by training and skill development to guarantee the workforce. The IT sector currently employs more than 17,000 people in Mauritius. On the logistics side, Mauritius is equipped with an internet connection worthy of the demand of our time, which is easily accessible. The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) claims that about 98% of Mauritian households now have access to the Internet. In addition, attractive tax incentives for companies in the sector have been implemented, thus favoring the establishment of many leading international companies in Mauritius such as Bocasay, Ennov IT, and Edisys.

Mauritius is known for its beautiful tourist beaches, as well as for its tax advantages in real estate. That said, computer services also constitute a real cornerstone for its economy. With a foreign investment rate of 40% focused on computer services, the digital transition is indeed taking place in Mauritius.

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