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ICT Competition 2023-2024 : Three Malagasy students in China

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ICT Competition 2023-2024 : Three Malagasy students in China

Madagascar shines in the network category

The HUAWEI ICT Competition 2023-2024 is an international contest that fosters collaboration among talents in information and communication technology (ICT).

The final phase of the event, themed « Connection, Glory, and Future », marks its 8th edition, attracting over 170,000 students from more than 2,000 universities and colleges across 80 countries and regions worldwide. Among the 74 participating countries, Madagascar stands out, with three exceptional students qualifying for this prestigious stage: RAKOTOARISON Naly Ny Ianja, KANTOHERY Tsitohaina, and Tsitohaimbita Jean De Dieu RANDRIAMANANJARA.

This year marks Madagascar’s third participation in the HUAWEI ICT Competition. The competition features categories in Computing, Innovation, Cloud, and Networks, offering a valuable platform to enhance digital skills. Madagascar distinguishes itself in the Network category this year, underscoring its growing expertise in this crucial ICT domain.

For HUAWEI, the ICT Competition is more than a contest. It is a global event dedicated to the exchange of ICT skills, promoting seamless integration between industry and education. During the competition, students engage in hands-on labs, workshops, and real-world scenarios under the guidance of certified Huawei instructors, gaining practical knowledge of Huawei technologies.

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