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Artec publishes telecom sector revenues

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Artec publishes telecom sector revenues

Figures up on previous years

The telecommunications sector stands as a cornerstone of the Malagasy economy, featuring a handful of licensed operators alongside numerous other operators under different regimes. According to Artec (Authority Regulation of Technologies and Communication), this sector currently yields sales estimated at 341 million USD, marking a notable increase from 289 million USD in 2021. This reflects an impressive annual growth rate of 21 %.

According to figures provided by Artec, the telecommunications sector in Madagascar witnessed significant growth across various services between 2021 and 2022. Voice service is projected to experience a notable 19.03 % increase in sales during this period. Additionally, both mobile (voice & SMS) and data (fixed & mobile) services are expected to see sales increases of 14.83 % and 38.99 %, respectively. Conversely, wholesale service saw a decline of 10.38 % compared to 2021.

Terminal installation and sales surged by 31.82 % compared to the previous year, while sales in call center & TowerCo also rose by 23.27 %. Overall, the mobile telephony sector recorded an impressive 18 % increase in revenues. Voice service remains the top revenue-generating segment, generating 137 million USD. Despite accounting for only 2 % of total revenues, SMS service experienced a substantial 31 % increase in one year. Furthermore, equipment and accessories sales soared by 70 % compared to 2021. The number of fixed lines also saw growth in 2022, with an increase of 9.17 % to reach 39,318 lines.

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