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Loan agreement between AFD and Koungo town hall

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Loan agreement between AFD and Koungo town hall

Partial financing of Koungou’s multi-year program

On March 26, the Koungou Town Council made a significant announcement regarding the signing of a 10 million EUR loan agreement with Ivan Postel-Vinay, Director of the French Agency for Development (AFD) Mayotte.

This collaborative effort between the Koungou Town Council and AFD underscores the latter’s commitment to supporting regional development initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for local residents. The substantial financial infusion is earmarked to partially finance the municipality’s ambitious multi-year program, which encompasses several key projects.

These projects include the construction of a media library and cultural center, the reconstruction of the town hall, and the development of the town’s waterfront, a comprehensive endeavor aimed at bolstering communal infrastructure and fostering community engagement.

The secured grant will catalyze the commencement of pivotal structural work slated to commence within the current year. Leveraging various public partnerships, the community is poised to leverage these funds effectively to advance its multi-year program. Additionally, the municipality is strategically utilizing its own resources to augment these investments, further underscoring its commitment to sustainable development and communal prosperity.

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