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Alliance between BMOI, Kanelle Immo and Solidis

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Alliance between BMOI, Kanelle Immo and Solidis

Real estate: an alliance between BMOI, Kanelle Immo and Solidis

BMOI (Bank of the Indian Ocean and Madagascar), Kanelle Immo, and Solidis launched a partnership on 23 October during a real estate event. The agreement offers a complete personalized service to future real estate clients, revolutionizing the experience.

Personalized support at every stage with BMOI

The three companies are joining forces to make life easier for potential buyers, from the search and identification of properties to the purchase process. BMOI, through its « Faniry » property loan, supports the financing of acquisition projects by offering a loan repayable over up to 15 years. This customized financing comes with reduced fees and simplified guarantees thanks to Solidis.

Simplified guarantees with Solidis

Solidis, a partner in this agreement, strengthens the guarantee and avoids the need for a mortgage. This alternative is a step forward for those eligible, offering them an unprecedented solution in the property sector.

Kanelle Immo: property diversity

Kanelle Immo, a preferred partner, offers buyers a wide range of properties. Its expertise ranges from residential properties to custom-built developments and the sale of properties on a peer-to-peer basis. This diversity ensures that every customer can find a property to suit their tastes and requirements.

A revolution in buying property

This unprecedented partnership is redefining property by offering bespoke solutions and a host of benefits. The property buying experience has been transformed thanks to the combined skills and expertise of these three preferred partners.

Participants at the event were convinced of the potential of this agreement. BMOI, Kanelle Immo, and Solidis are committed to providing the best possible service. This partnership promises to revolutionize the purchase of real estate by offering preferential conditions to prospective buyers, a unique opportunity in the real estate market.


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