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Promoting employment : New action plan is being prepared

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Promoting employment : New action plan is being prepared

Finding solutions to reduce the unemployment rate in Madagascar

The Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Public Service (MTEFoP) is actively developing a new action plan to promote employment, as part of implementing the President’s first development pillar. This program is set to run from 2024 to 2030.

Minister Hanitra Fitiavana Razakaboana, during the opening of the « Consultation for Synergy of Actions in Promoting Employment in Madagascar » workshop, urged all stakeholders to take responsibility for addressing employment issues.

Statistics reveal that about 1.5 million young people enter the job market each year, struggling to find their first job. Often, these young people do not match the required profiles or face significant integration challenges due to inadequate methodologies or practices. Therefore, reliable and practical solutions are essential to reduce the unemployment rate and facilitate job searches for young people.

The National Employment and Training Office (Onef), in collaboration with other stakeholders such as employers, recently published its « Study on Identifying Job Opportunities in Madagascar and Private Sector Skill Needs ». Following the workshop, all participants concurred on the importance of establishing a new National Action Plan to promote employment.

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