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Local industry concerned about labor shortage

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Local industry concerned about labor shortage

Addressing the challenges of skilled labor recruitment

Julien Audibert, the outgoing president of the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers (AMM), emphasizes the importance of bolstering the long-term talent pool to address Mauritius’ ongoing labor shortage.

Lawrence Wong, the new president of the AMM, emphasizes the critical need for manufacturing companies to have access to a skilled workforce to regain their prominent position in Mauritius’ economy. Addressing the growing labor shortage requires ensuring that the workforce possesses the necessary technical skills. Wong also highlights the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion to reduce the gender gap in the manufacturing sector. He underscores the significance of a robust industrial sector for Mauritius, especially considering the nation’s lack of natural resources and the challenges posed by climate change. Entrepreneurs are urging authorities to prioritize local employment, recognizing that these challenges require collective action and cannot be addressed in isolation.

For her part, the Minister for Industrial Development, Naveena Ramyad, affirms that she is fully aware of the concerns and difficulties faced by AMM members: « I am aware of the multiple obstacles facing operators, particularly with regard to the recruitment process. However, this issue also affects other areas. The government has improved flexibility in the recruitment of foreign workers, but is placing greater emphasis on local recruitment ».

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