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Crafts : Showcase in Ivato to promote Madagascar’s potential

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Crafts : Showcase in Ivato to promote Madagascar’s potential

Showcasing the skills of Malagasy craftspeople

World Crafts Day was celebrated globally on June 10, and Madagascar seized the opportunity to showcase its potential. To mark the occasion, the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts inaugurated an exhibition on the silk value chain at Ivato International Airport.

The aim of this event is to showcase the skills of Malagasy craftsmen and offer visitors a unique experience of local culture, providing a significant boost to an essential sector of the country’s economy. Handicrafts contribute between 15 and 20% of Madagascar’s GDP and directly employ over two million people.

With 164 trades in 14 sectors ranging from woodwork to jewelry and textiles, handicrafts play a crucial role in reducing unemployment. Sylvie Rasolofonjanahary, President of the Federation of Chambers of Trades and Crafts of Madagascar (FCMAM), praises Malagasy craftspeople as true ambassadors of cultural heritage. She highlights the essential role of crafts in tourism.

Rasolofonjanahary also emphasizes the importance of strengthening the links between tourism and crafts by offering authentic, immersive experiences. Such projects can design tourist itineraries focused on discovering handicrafts, allowing visitors to appreciate the diversity of Madagascar’s cultural heritage.

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