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Badamiers economic activity zone : Project delayed

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Badamiers economic activity zone : Project delayed

Untangling a legal quagmire

The project slated for an official launch in 2025 within the economic activity zone of Badamiers, located in Dzaoudzi-Labattoir, is currently encountering significant hurdles. Meeting the deadline appears only possible if there’s a shift in strategy regarding the occupants of the required land.

The initial announcement of this project came from the former president of the Petite-Terre inter-municipal authority, Saïd Omar Oili, who assumed the role of senator in September 2023. However, various entities now claim ownership of this activity zone, creating a convoluted situation resembling « a big mess » to outsiders. Clarity is imperative, necessitating a clear distinction between the Mayotte Department Council, the municipality of Dzaoudzi-Labattoir via its inter-municipal authority, the Petite-Terre community of municipalities, and the Mayotte Land Development Public Establishment (Epfam).

While the former brings vision, the latter includes capital and land. The total budget for this ZAE (Zone d’Activité Économique) is 35 million EUR, covering land acquisition, road construction, and water and electrification infrastructure. The discrepancy in information among the partners underscores the complexity of the situation. Additionally, legal and regulatory challenges further complicate matters. The CCPT (Commission Consultative des Partenaires Territoriaux) does not possess all the necessary tools to execute this public utility project independently.

The oversight of ground realities by the Petite-Terre inter-municipal authority has compounded into a significant obstacle for the Badamiers EAZ project. With plots officially designated to X but contested by Y or occupied by Z for extended periods, rendering them legally non-evictable, the entanglement is formidable!

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