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Mauritius Housing Company Launches Mortgage Scheme for the Diaspora

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Mauritius Housing Company Launches Mortgage Scheme for the Diaspora

Meeting the challenges of real estate investment in Mauritius

The Mauritius Housing Company (MHC) is launching an innovative solution to promote property ownership among Mauritians living abroad: the Diaspora Mortgage Loan.

This new initiative is a tailored financial solution designed to help the Mauritian diaspora invest in real estate in their home country. The program recognizes the obstacles that non-resident Mauritians often face when trying to buy property in Mauritius.

These challenges mainly revolve around financing and legality. With the Diaspora Loan, MHC is tackling these obstacles head-on by offering a mortgage product that specifically addresses the unique needs of this demographic.

Features and Eligibility

The Diaspora Mortgage Loan is not just another mortgage product.

Its features and eligibility criteria are specifically designed to simplify the process of buying a property in Mauritius for the Diaspora. In this way, the MHC aims to make property ownership in Mauritius more accessible to non-resident Mauritians.

The introduction of this mortgage product is expected to have a positive impact on the local real estate market. It encourages investment from the Diaspora, which can stimulate the market and contribute to the country’s economic growth. More importantly, it strengthens the link between Mauritians around the world and their homeland, a link that is vital to the nation’s identity and future development.

With competitive interest rates, subscribers can benefit from 100% financing for construction projects. After five decades of service to the nation, MHC Ltd is the only financial institution in Mauritius to offer a variety of solutions to promote home ownership. MHC Ltd also provides architectural, engineering, legal and insurance services, legal and insurance services, real estate projects and deposit and savings schemes. To date, the company’s distribution network includes 9 offices between Mauritius and Rodrigues.

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