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Seychelles : Key health actions in 2023

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Seychelles : Key health actions in 2023

2023 annual health sector performance report

As Seychelles bids farewell to another year, one of the imperatives of 2024 is to reflect on the significant progress made in public health.

Launched in early December 2023, the Health Sector Performance Report 2023 captures the hard work of the country’s health professionals across all sectors. The report shows that as a nation, Seychellois have shown resilience despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic since 2019. Investment in healthcare infrastructure has been a top priority.

Capitalizing on the strong sense of community engagement and participation that led to the opening of St. Mary’s Hospital, the Ministry of Health organized the first Primary Healthcare Conference in La Digue. Under the theme « Promoting La Digue as a Center of Excellence », the event brought together La Digue health workers, community leaders, civil society, and senior management from the Ministry of Health to develop a roadmap for primary health care. Similar regional conferences are planned throughout the year.

Looking ahead

For 2024, the Ministry of Health remains committed to innovation, inclusiveness and adaptability. The Ministry’s focus on preventive health care, technological advances and community engagement will continue to guide its initiatives. Learning from the challenges of the past, the Ministry strives to be the best it can be in everything it does.

Egypt, India, China, Cuba and France remain loyal bilateral partners for Seychelles. UN agencies such as WHO and UNFPA and regional partners such as Africa CDC will provide invaluable support to the national effort. These partnerships strengthen our commitment to building a healthier Seychelles for future generations.

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