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Seychelles : Air blowers in reprieve

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Seychelles : Air blowers in reprieve

Material that is both useful and constraining

Even though the use of air blowers in Seychelles is an efficient cleaning tool, it presents a constant threat.

One of the major issues they can cause is the dispersion of airborne contaminants, which can be problematic in areas where harmful substances, allergens, or airborne pathogens are suspended in the air. Another constant constraint is noise pollution. The sound generated by the fan poses a threat to a person’s hearing and creates general discomfort for those nearby.

Furthermore, it plays an active role in energy consumption and temperature redistribution. The most significant concern posed by this instrument relates to the environment and the population. In that sense, it is advised to consider alternative methods and technologies that may be more suitable for a particular situation. In Seychelles, a tropical archipelago in the Indian Ocean, environmental considerations are particularly crucial due to the fragility of ecosystems and the diversity of flora and fauna.

Suggestions from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment

In response to the challenges faced in enforcing regulations on air blowers, the supervising ministry has proposed measures to help alleviate these concerns and damages. Among them is transitioning to low-pressure air blowers, implementing time restrictions such as limiting the duration and frequency of air blower usage, and considering the protection of vegetation.

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