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Health education in schools in Mayotte

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Health education in schools in Mayotte

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Health education in schools in Mayotte is a major concern for educational institutions, health authorities, and engaged partners. Various initiatives are being implemented to raise awareness and screen for different health issues, aiming to improve the health and well-being of students.

Hygiene education with the hygiene kit

The Mamoudzou school fund launched the third edition of the Hygiene Kit this May. The initiative aims to educate students from kindergarten to middle school about personal hygiene, hand washing, and oral health. This program, financially supported by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the City of Mamoudzou, and the Mayotte Social Security Fund (CSSM), has benefited 1,500 children. The event occurred at the Youth and Culture House (MJC) in Mamoudzou, where fun activities helped children better understand the importance of hygiene. The goal is to promote academic success by ensuring a healthy environment for students.

Mobilization of Tsararano High School students for health

As part of World Health Day, celebrated each year on April 7, students from Tsararano High School demonstrated their commitment by organizing a day of awareness and prevention. Students from the BTS SP3S took the initiative to create this project, implementing their work to raise awareness among over 650 students about various health issues. Sexual education, oral hygiene, cancer prevention, mental health, and many other topics were discussed, allowing students to become active participants in their health. This entirely student-led initiative aims to empower young people about their health and enable them to make informed choices.

Visual impairment screening at Lycée des Lumières

Last March, to promote students’ visual health, Lycée des Lumières implemented a campaign to screen for visual impairments, in collaboration with an orthoptist. Over 200 students benefited from visual acuity tests, allowing for the quick detection and treatment of visual defects that could hinder their learning. For students requiring more in-depth follow-up, appointments were made with competent health professionals.

These varied initiatives underline the importance placed on health education in Mayotte schools. By raising awareness about hygiene, promoting student-led health initiatives, and implementing screening programs, these schools are taking significant steps to improve the health and well-being of their students.

Mias Sylvia

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