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ACCF : 2nd semester activity report

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ACCF : 2nd semester activity report

Encouraging results for WHO

The Comorian Association Against Female Cancer (ACCF) unveiled its activity report for the second semester of 2023 on February 9th, garnering commendations from Clarisse Njikam, Partnership Officer at the World Health Organization (WHO). This marks the second occasion where the ACCF has received support from the WHO country office.

For its initiatives spanning from June to December 2023, the health organization has allocated 12,907,500 KMF (equivalent to approximately 28,000 USD) to the ACCF. This financial assistance underscores WHO’s commitment to bolstering cancer prevention and awareness efforts in Comoros.

The ACCF’s latest report showcases significant achievements, including over 60 screenings for individuals with breast concerns and 131 screenings for signs of cervical cancer. President Zahara Abdallah emphasizes the pivotal role of this funding tranche, which targets the implementation of prevention and awareness campaigns for underserved communities not reached during the initial phase.

This support facilitates crucial access to cervical cancer screening for high-risk individuals. Additionally, the ACCF’s endeavors extend to providing mammography and cervico-vaginal smear tests to marginalized populations, thereby striving to address cancer disparities and promote early detection and treatment.

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