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New financial mechanism for crisis response

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New financial mechanism for crisis response

Grants of up to 4,000 EUR and water crisis aid ratified

During a meeting with economic operators at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mayotte (CCIM) on February 27, Marie Guévenoux, Minister for Overseas France, unveiled two new initiatives aimed at providing support to businesses grappling with multiple crises in Mayotte.

Mayotte has recently been confronted with a series of challenges, including social unrest, drought, water scarcity, and a blockade of the island. These crises have not only threatened jobs but also disrupted economic activities, necessitating urgent intervention from the government. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Minister Guévenoux emphasized the importance of engaging with local economic actors to address their concerns directly.

Following discussions with the business community, Minister Guévenoux announced the extension of aid for the water crisis until February 29th. Additionally, a new one-time aid package will be launched, covering the duration of the dam-related crisis. This financial assistance will amount to 15 % of the monthly turnover for businesses, with a maximum ceiling of 4,000 EUR.

These measures are designed to alleviate the financial burden on businesses affected by the crises in Mayotte, providing them with much-needed support during this challenging period. The announcements coincide with calls from Mayotte’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) for emergency measures and support for a development law aimed at addressing the island’s pressing needs. The CESE emphasized the importance of restoring security and communication infrastructure promptly to facilitate the resumption of economic and social activities on the island.

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