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IOT Ltd : A 13th-month salary

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IOT Ltd : A 13th-month salary

Employees up to grade 5 are eligible for a 13th-month salary

The government has committed to pay the 13th-month salary to all Seychellois workers up to grade 5 in the Indian Ocean Tuna Ltd (IOT).

The Ministry of Finance, National Planning, and Trade issued a press release refuting statements suggesting non-payment of the 13th-month salary for Seychellois workers at Indian Ocean Tuna Ltd (IOT). The Ministry clarified its commitment to allocate the necessary funds to cover the 13th-month salary for all Seychellois workers up to grade 5 in the IOT salary structure.

« This measure encompasses 350 out of 375 workers in the company and aligns with the government’s objective to ensure the protection of low-income workers », stated the release. The Ministry further urged the IOT management to consider compensating the remaining workers with higher incomes.

IOT Ltd operates as a commercial entity within the international business zone, the government holds a 40 % stake. This latter has used taxpayer money for this payment and requested IOT Ltd to fulfill the necessary, as mentioned in the statement.

The government anticipates IOT Ltd to make additional efforts to contribute to the 13th-month salary of Seychellois workers as part of ongoing discussions with other shareholders. The Ministry emphasized the importance of relying on official sources and cautioned the public against relying on unverified information from social media.

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