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Seychelles’ main power plant : 18 MW more by 20

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Seychelles’ main power plant : 18 MW more by 20

Agreement between various partners to implement the project

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) has recently made an announcement. The project is to increase the production capacity of Seychelles’ main power plant at Roche Caiman.

This plant will have a total capacity of 92 MW, far exceeding the 28 MW Victoria plant. At a press briefing, the PUC put the cost of the expansion project at around 21.8 million EUR. The project was made possible by a contractual agreement between International Montage Maintenance (IMM) – an independent engineering, procurement and construction company – and the PUC.

For its part, the Nouvobanq financial group has provided a loan to enable delivery by July 2025. According to the PUC, in the long term, this action will facilitate the identification of the New Port’s obsolete infrastructure and make way for a more advanced and modern power plant. For the next five years, the PUC is carefully anticipating this transition in order to ensure a stable energy supply capable of adequately supporting the country’s economy.

IMM wins the tender

The challenge of this huge project was to find a supplier for the generator needed to expand the capacity of the nuclear power plant. An international tender was launched to find the best suppliers. The IMM Group stood out with its offer and signed a cooperation agreement.

The scope of this program includes a number of components. Namely, the supply and installation of two additional 8 MW generators and their auxiliary systems. It also includes civil maintenance to optimize the Roche Cayman power plant’s infrastructure. In this way, PUC aims to reduce its dependence on the old generators at the Nouveau Port power station.

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