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Partnership between Landscope Mauritius and the CEB

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Partnership between Landscope Mauritius and the CEB

Launch of a solar farm project in Valletta

On March 21, 2024, Landscope Mauritius Ltd sealed a pivotal agreement with the Central Electricity Board (CEB) to erect a 10 MW solar farm in La Valette, Bambous. The anticipated completion date for this infrastructure is set for August 2025.

This solar venture stands as a cornerstone in the government’s comprehensive energy transition strategy. Naila Hanoomanjee, CEO of Landscope Mauritius, expressed her gratification, stating, « We have diligently collaborated on this project with the CEB since 2019, and witnessing its realization today brings immense satisfaction ». The solar farm is poised to play a pivotal role in attaining a 60 % green energy share in the national energy portfolio by 2030. Solon India Pvt Ltd has been awarded the contract for designing and constructing the farm, spearheaded under the newly formed entity, Landscope Solar.

With an investment tallying 550 million MUR, equivalent to approximately 12 million USD, the La Valette solar park is forecasted to generate 20 GWh of pristine electricity annually. According to CEB Manager Rajden Chowdharry, this substantial output is slated to cater to the energy needs of 13,000 households over a 12-month cycle, with an average monthly consumption of 140 kWh per household.

Moreover, the solar farm’s operations are expected to curb approximately 19,200 tons of CO₂ emissions annually, akin to the environmental benefits derived from planting 850,000 trees. Chowdharry also revealed plans to utilize a segment of the Valletta site for cultivating vegetables, thus striking a harmonious balance between the nation’s sustainable development pillars: renewable energy production, biodiversity conservation, and bolstering local food production.

Furthermore, the Valletta solar farm promises Landscope Mauritius a dependable revenue stream for the forthcoming two decades, cementing its pivotal role in the nation’s sustainable energy landscape.

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