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Jirama : New CEO visits sites

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Jirama : New CEO visits sites

Meeting with Jirama employees

Jirama’s freshly appointed General Manager, Ron Weiss, embarked on a string of visits this Saturday to inspect the electricity and water production facilities in Manjakandriana, Mandraka, and Moramanga. Leading a team of company executives, Weiss meticulously assessed the operations at each site.

As per the state-owned company’s briefing, the primary objective was to engage with employees and deliberate on the company’s present status. Ron Weiss wasted no time and dove into action, joining forces with the two preceding interim general managers and the manager overseeing power generation and operations. Their itinerary included stops at the Mandraka dam and hydroelectric power station, the Moramanga office and pumping station, and the Jirama facility in Manjakandriana. This initiative not only facilitated direct interaction between the new CEO and on-site staff but also enabled comprehensive discussions on the company’s overarching situation.

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