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Energy security : Solutions on the Horizon

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Energy security : Solutions on the Horizon

Achieving energy independence for Mauritius through alternative technologies

The future objective remains to make Mauritius independent from imported oil by embracing alternative technologies such as electric vehicles and hydrogen, which are still developing.

A fleet of electric vehicles and an expanded metro system across Mauritius will ensure mobility even as gasoline becomes increasingly expensive or unavailable. The Mauritian government is considering the installation of large solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicle charging stations at all gas stations, free of charge or at reduced cost. Additionally, promoting technology for converting gasoline vehicles into hybrid or electric vehicles is crucial. All tax-exempt vehicles authorized for officials should be electric cars.

In line with global trends, Mauritius proposes to increase tariffs on gasoline and diesel vehicles by 20%, followed by a 50 % increase in 2024, providing importers with advance notice of upcoming budget adjustments and setting a deadline for a complete ban. Societal changes should also be implemented, such as reducing travel through workplace and school reorganization and promoting walking or cycling.

In energy production, the Mauritian government advocates for significant incentives and subsidies to accelerate the transition to large-scale renewable energy, encompassing solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuels. The latest IPCC report underscores the urgency of combating climate change, and given that gasoline vehicles significantly contribute to carbon emissions, replacing them with electric cars is pivotal.

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