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Agreement signed between Sonelec and BDC

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Agreement signed between Sonelec and BDC

Digitalization of electricity recharging via Holo

On February 16, 2024, a significant agreement was signed between the National Electricity Company (Sonelec) and the Comoros Development Bank (BDC), marking a pivotal step towards the digitization of electricity recharging via the Holo app.

In alignment with its digitization program, Sonelec has partnered with Hury Money and Mvola in the past to enable customers to conveniently pay for their electricity through the Holo app. This latest initiative underscores Sonelec’s commitment to modernizing its operations and enhancing revenue security by minimizing cash transactions.

The implementation of STS smart prepaid electricity meters marks the beginning of this digitization campaign, aimed at providing customers with secure and convenient payment options. Furthermore, this initiative addresses the financial risks associated with serving remote villages, offering a reliable alternative to traditional points of sale.

Customers utilizing these digital platforms for electricity recharges will incur a nominal fee of 400 KMF, approximately equivalent to 0.86 USD. Sonelec’s Managing Director highlights the added convenience and safety afforded by this digital solution, emphasizing that customers can now easily pay for their electricity without the need for physical visits to branches, thereby reducing cash transactions and enhancing overall efficiency.

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