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UniSey launches trilingual master’s program

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UniSey launches trilingual master’s program

Enabling Seychellois students to attend foreign universities

The University of Seychelles, in collaboration with the University of Aix-Marseille, will offer a Master’s degree in Trilingual Studies (Mastri) starting in September 2025. Dr. Justin Zelime, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Development, officially announced this news at UniSey.

The official ceremony was graced by the presence of the Ambassador of France to Seychelles, Olivia Berkeley-Christmann, Professor Sibylle Kriegel from the University of Aix-Marseille, Professor Mylene Eyquieme Lebon from the University of Reunion, along with faculty officials and alums from UniSey.

This collaboration commenced in 2017 when the Department of Education, Languages, and Media and the Institute for Research on Creole Language and Culture, in partnership with the University of Aix-Marseille in France, initiated discussions regarding developing a trilingual Master’s program. Following numerous meetings and negotiations, a significant memorandum of understanding was signed with Aix-Marseille University in early 2023, leading to a small committee tasked with finalizing the project proposal. Today, this endeavor has come to fruition.

« This Master’s program aligns very well with our strategic plan by offering more opportunities for Seychellois students to pursue higher education and increasing the number of Master’s level programs at UniSey. It is also an innovative program representing a significant step in our strong commitment to providing an inclusive educational experience that reflects Seychellois society’s trilingual and multicultural nature », shares Dr. Zelime.

Ambassador Berkeley-Christmann further emphasizes that such a curriculum will address the need for education, journalism, and tourism training.

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