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SNYC launches a new website for youth

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SNYC launches a new website for youth

Enhancing Youth Interaction through a Platform

The Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) unveils its new website and introduces its voluntary program, « Youth Brigade ».

The new initiatives announced on March 8, 2024, at the SNYC headquarters in Sacos Tower, Victoria, are part of the council’s 26th-anniversary celebrations. The event is attended by the Principal Secretary for Youth and Sports, Ralph Jean-Louis; SNYC Director-General Albert Duncan; Senior Program Officer – Engagement and Support Section, Simon Barra; and several youth representatives.

The event’s highlight is launching a dynamic new website designed to serve as a comprehensive platform for youth interaction, information sharing, and community engagement. The website promises to revolutionize how young people connect and collaborate online through an innovative mix of user-friendly features, including an interactive avatar and cutting-edge AI technology.

« This website will help SNYC better collect information from young people that could facilitate the organization of programs, making them more personalized and appealing », said Albert Duncan, SNYC Director-General. The new website can be accessed at  www.snyc.info

The Youth Brigade voluntary program is an initiative to empower young people to impact their communities through volunteering and community service positively.

The program focuses on leadership skill development, promoting civic engagement, and driving social change. Youth Brigade represents a significant advancement in SNYC’s mission to support and uplift the youth population.

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