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SeyCATT funds an educational project by MCSS

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SeyCATT funds an educational project by MCSS

Raising awareness of Marine Biodiversity through books

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles (MCSS) has published a children’s book titled « A Journey through the Waters of Seychelles » to raise awareness about marine biodiversity and the importance of its preservation.

MCSS submitted its children’s book project on marine biodiversity during the 6th cycle of the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust’s (SeyCATT) Blue Grant Fund. Highlighting the importance of environmental education, the donor approved the initiative. « It is crucial to educate our youth about marine life, different species, and ecosystems, as well as the need to protect them and become aware of actions harmful to preserving the underwater world », said Michel Pierre, coordinator of SeyCATT’s Blue Grant.

The book launch took place at a ceremony at the National Museum, where 100 copies were handed over to the Ministry of Education. This project, costing over 100,000 SCR, approximately 7,300 USD, includes 400 copies in Creole and English. Private schools, the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment, and the National Library also received copies. The narrative highlights the hawksbill turtle and the whale shark, protected species in Seychellois waters.

MCSS program coordinator Rabia Somers emphasized the importance of introducing children to the natural world from a young age. « As an ecologist, my books were mainly focused on the natural world and its incredible species. I realized how effectively children could be introduced to this essential part of their universe through captivating narratives and images. This occurs at a critical time in their lives when they are naturally fascinated and concerned about nature’s well-being », said Ms. Somers. SeyCATT hopes this educational support will help create environmental ambassadors among the youth, thus promoting marine conservation.

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