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Phoenix Rotary Club funds a school library

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Phoenix Rotary Club funds a school library

Colorful and playful library encouraging reading

Continuing their support for H. Chooromonee Government School in Bassin, the Phoenix Rotary Club enhances the institution by modernizing its reading room, following the establishment of a science room and the launch of an organic vegetable garden project.

Under the theme « Learning to Read and Reading to Learn », this vibrant library inspires students to explore the world of books. The official inauguration, graced by the presence of Lady Sarojini Jugnauth, a former primary school teacher, occurred on March 15.

Akhilesh Sooroojebally, the current president of the Phoenix Rotary Club, expresses pride in the continued support for Chooromonee School, stating: « We are proud to support Chooromonee School for several years now. It is always with the same enthusiasm that we implement projects to offer students promising prospects. »

Responding to the school management’s request, the renovation project aimed to revitalize the reading space for students aged 5 to 12 by providing suitable materials and books. The construction and furnishing of the new library required an investment of Rs 450,000 (10,000 USD), entirely covered by the Phoenix Rotary Club through donations from various sponsors.

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