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Economic and dynamic resilience in Africa

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Economic and dynamic resilience in Africa

Biden Administration Commitment to Support Economic and Dynamic Resilience in Africa

Madagascar’s richest man, Ylias Akbaraly, spoke with the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. This meeting took place as a part of an event organized by Project Aladdin on the priorities of economic development and digital transformation in Africa.
During this event, Ylias Akbaraly, the CEO of Redland, holding the company of the Sipromad Group and Thomson Broadcast, made some exchanges with the American Secretary of State. A press release from the Sipromad Group reports that : « Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, emphasized the vital role of the Biden administration in backing Economic and Dynamic Resilience in Africa. » Akbaraly is indeed the witness of an incredible success story. In the 2000s, he took the reins of his family business, which had only ten employees and 7,500 USD in turnover.

Redland, a global leader in manufacturing, production, marketing, and maintenance of terrestrial television and radio equipment, has expanded its presence to various countries around the world. These countries include France, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, and the United States, which is also home to the headquarters of GetsAir, the renowned brand that leads the industry. In addition to broadcasting, the group operates in several sectors namely industry, finance, energy, technologies, tourism, aviation and real estate. The following are some promising activities that could contribute to the economic growth of the African continent.

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