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2nd Edition of the Economic Association Madagascar Japan Exhibition

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2nd Edition of the Economic Association Madagascar Japan Exhibition

AEMAJA Exhibition 2nd Edition: A deep dive into the challenges of the modern economy

The Economic Association Madagascar Japan Exhibition, held from July 18 to 21, was a must-attend event for Malagasy economic actors and their Japanese counterparts. Under the theme of sustainable development, this edition garnered unprecedented interest in the essential aspects of the modern economy.

The event brought together visionary minds at the prestigious Novotel Antananarivo and the dazzling IBIS hotel. It served as a platform for Malagasy and Japanese entrepreneurs, leaders, and experts to discuss the future of Madagascar’s economic growth. Participants sought to learn from Japan’s success in development, considering it a model to emulate.

The Association’s President, Mr. Ando Ratodisoa, in his opening speech, expressed his strong belief in the need to strengthen trade ties between Madagascar and Japan. Madagascar’s abundant resources are attracting Japanese companies to invest in the country. To facilitate this fruitful collaboration, Mr. Ratodisoa announced the creation of a joint commission within the association. The process for this involves the creation of a « Business Council » at the Groupement des Enterprises de Madagascar (GEM), which will work to foster bilateral exchanges and investments. The joint commission is expected to become operational within a year.

Making the most of sustainable development

The theme of sustainable development was at the heart of the discussions throughout the exhibition. Conferences and workshops followed one another, addressing topics such as « Building the future of energy and infrastructure in Madagascar » and « Innovations in textile production through Japanese management principles ». However, the conference organized by the AEMAJA’s agro-business commission captivated everyone’s attention. « Kaizen or Zero Waste: how to achieve Madagascar’s food self-sufficiency through the circular economy achieve » presented Kaizen, the concept of « continuous improvement » inspired by the Japanese economic model. This principle, applicable to all sectors, offers Malagasy entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to rethink their production methods for a more responsible and sustainable economy.

Digitization, the cornerstone of the modern economy, was not left out. The association’s ICT commission closed the exhibition titled « Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation ». Participants became aware of the importance of protecting data, building customer trust, reducing financial risks, and improving operational efficiency, which are essential to thrive in an increasingly digitized and competitive business environment.

This event also served as a reminder of the diplomatic relationship between Japan and Madagascar, which lasted for over sixty years. Madagascar, Japan’s leading supplier of nickel, thanks to Ambatovy, maintains fruitful exchanges with the land of the rising sun in the fields of fishing, energy, and textiles. The AEMAJA Exhibition proved to be a catalyst for trade exchanges, aiming to perfect the legal and technical framework for even more prosperous bilateral relations.

Undoubtedly, the second edition of the AEMAJA Exhibition was a major economic event, impressing attendees with the quality of its debates and the relevance of its themes. By committing to sustainable development and digital transformation, Malagasy entrepreneurs have laid the foundations for a promising economic future guided by values of excellence and innovation.

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