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Mauritius – Slovakia : Credentials of the new ambassador

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Mauritius – Slovakia : Credentials of the new ambassador

Strengthening economic ties between the two countries

Vladimir Gracz, the new Ambassador of Slovakia to Mauritius, presented his credentials to President Pradeep Roopun on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Following the meeting, the ambassador emphasized the potential and opportunities for concrete cooperation between Mauritius and Slovakia, in fields such as agriculture, producing organic fertilizers, and education through scholarships for young Mauritians.

Highlighting Slovakia’s ability in meteorology, Vladimir Gracz pointed out the opportunity to share knowledge and strengthen skills. This collaboration aims to help Mauritius enhance its capacity to mitigate and adapt to the consequences of climate change. The Slovak diplomat likewise mentioned the possibility of joint studies on climate modeling and developing early warning systems, as well as implementing sustainable practices to protect against environmental hazards.

Vladimir Gracz also noted the increasing tourist flow from Slovakia to Mauritius, underscoring the potential for economic cooperation in the tourism sector. By implementing these initiatives, both countries can strengthen bilateral relations and promote economic ties.

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