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Mauritius : Donation of intervention equipment from Japan

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Mauritius : Donation of intervention equipment from Japan

Handover of oil spill response equipment

On April 4, 2024, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) officially handed over oil spill response equipment to Mauritius’s Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management, and Climate Change

Among the distinguished guests present at the ceremony were Minister Kavy Ramano and Japanese Ambassador Masahiro Kan, who highlighted the strong partnership between Japan and Mauritius. Minister Ramano emphasized the continued collaboration with JICA and Japan’s Maritime Disaster Prevention Center (MDPC) to enhance Mauritius’ institutional capacity in responding to oil spills. He outlined the project’s benefits, including developing tactical, operational, and sensitivity maps for critical regions, establishing an oil spill trajectory simulation model, and implementing comprehensive training programs.

Recognizing the growing maritime trade and associated risks of ship accidents and oil spills, Minister Ramano stressed the importance of Mauritius possessing adequate oil spill response equipment. He expressed gratitude to the Japanese government for generously donating essential equipment, which will significantly bolster the capabilities of relevant personnel in handling, storing, and maintaining these resources.

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