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Madagascar – Hungary : 50 years of diplomatic relations

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Madagascar – Hungary : 50 years of diplomatic relations

Official visit to strengthen relations

The two countries celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations and aim to bolster ties through trade and social exchanges.

This marks the first high-level meeting between the nations. In 2025, Madagascar and Hungary commemorate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic establishment. The official visit signifies a significant turning point in their relations, aimed at revitalizing cooperation.

A memorandum of understanding on political consultations was signed during the official meeting between the ministers. As part of this visit, Hungary announces emergency financial assistance for the victims of Cyclone Gamane. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified numerous partnership opportunities contributing to Madagascar’s development goals, including agriculture, water management, waste management, tourism, higher education, and scientific cooperation.

Regarding Malagasy diplomacy, the Great Island and Hungary have decided to renew their bilateral collaboration. Discussions also took place on cooperation possibilities to exchange best practices in diplomacy, addressing the changing challenges of international relations.

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