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Diplomatic visit by the personnel of the U.S. Congress

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Diplomatic visit by the personnel of the U.S. Congress

Strengthening relations between Seychelles and the United States

Monday, February 26, a delegation of U.S. Congressional personnel engaged in a diplomatic visit with the President of the National Assembly, Roger Mancienne.

Accompanying the Seychellois President were Vice President Gervais Henrie, Opposition Leader Sébastien Pillay, Government Affairs Chief Bernard Georges, Defense and Security Commission Chairman Clifford Andre, International Affairs Commission Chairman Waven William, National Assembly Clerk Tania Isaac, and Deputy Clerk Alexandria Faure.

The Congressional delegation included U.S. Ambassador Henry Jardine, Rear Admiral Calvin Foster, U.S. Senior Military Attaché Jeff Schwamb, Subcommittee on Africa Staff Director Joe Foltz, Deputy Staff Director Laura Fullerton, Senior Counsel Rachel Walker, and professional staff members Christina Tsafoulis, Chris Kulukundis, and Dwayne Clark.

Discussions commenced with an overview of the delegation’s objectives, emphasizing the importance of fostering relations between the United States and Africa and shaping joint policies through legislative means. Key topics such as maritime security, environmental conservation, trade and investment, and the exchange of parliamentary practices were thoroughly discussed. The United States remains committed to providing aid and support.

Georges expressed gratitude for the growing bond between the United States and Seychelles and thanked the delegation for their efforts in engaging with parliamentarians and other stakeholders during their visit. Mr. Foltz underscored the value of this bipartisan engagement approach and reaffirmed the United States’ dedication to fostering people-to-people connections in Seychelles. Subsequently, the delegation presented a token of appreciation to the President before concluding the meeting.

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