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Bangladesh – Mauritius : Consolidation of trade and investment relations

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Bangladesh – Mauritius : Consolidation of trade and investment relations

Encourage more investors to get involved

On Wednesday, April 24, Professor Mohammad Ali Arafat, State Minister for Information and Broadcasting of Bangladesh, met with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, and International Trade, Maneesh Gobin.

The enduring friendship between Bangladesh and Mauritius, rooted in mutual respect and a shared commitment to democratic principles, has thrived since establishing diplomatic ties in September 1975.

Minister Maneesh Gobin acknowledged the significant contribution of Bangladeshi workers to Mauritius’ economic landscape. With a population of 11,736 Bangladeshi nationals as of February 2024, Mauritius hosts one of the largest communities of foreign workers, actively engaged in diverse sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, construction, bakery, tourism, and retail.

A draft protocol agreement regarding the employment of Bangladeshi workers is being processed between Mauritius and Bangladesh. This initiative aims to bolster the rights and dignity of Bangladeshi workers in Mauritius through collaborative efforts between the two governments, ensuring the promotion of fair labor practices.

Both heads of state reaffirmed their commitment to fostering more robust trade and investment relations between Mauritius and Bangladesh. Minister Mohammad Ali Arafat invited Mauritian business groups to explore investment opportunities within Bangladesh’s economic zones, offering distinct advantages for entrepreneurs.

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