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27th anniversary of IORA

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27th anniversary of IORA

Launch of cultural and culinary fair

On March 2, 2024, the Secretariat of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) celebrates its 27th anniversary with a public fair at Tribeca Mall in Mauritius. The event brings together 10 member states and 5 dialogue partners in an exhibition showcasing cultural heritage.

This fair aims to honor the diversity of member states while promoting the Indian Ocean region. IORA Secretary-General Salman Al Farisi says, « IORA Day celebrates the richness of culture, a tapestry woven with threads of traditions, languages, and histories that make each of our nations unique ».

IORA’s open fair serves as a platform for cultural exchange, immersing the public in the rich diversity of member states and dialogue partners. Highlights of the event include a culinary journey, music performances, traditional dances, and an art and craft exhibition.

The IORA Secretary-General thanks member states and dialogue partners for participating and contributing to this event. « Today, our alliances extend beyond diplomatic dialogues, encompassing the realms of art, cuisine, and shared experiences, thereby weaving a fabric of unity »,expresses Salman Al Farisi.

In addition, Mauritian President Pradeep Roopun rejoices in participating in this commendable initiative to highlight the rich cultural diversity of IORA members. « IORA’s role remains to promote regional enterprise, peace, stability, and sustainable development in the Indian Ocean region and beyond. Furthermore, this platform will contribute to better understanding, friendship, and cooperation among several nations », emphasizes Pradeep Roopun.

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