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Sustainable Fishing : Empowering youth with knowledge

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Sustainable Fishing : Empowering youth with knowledge

Promoting youth engagement in fishing careers

A cohort of students aged 14 to 16 from diverse public and private schools recently participated in an educational session focusing on the significance of sustainable fishing for Seychelles’ future.

The comprehensive two-hour program, attended by 170 students, encompassed screening a documentary titled « Fishermen, the Heart of a Nation », directed by Marie and Frankie Rignace. Following the screening, students engaged in a lively debate featuring three local fishermen, culminating in a fishing fair.

This educational initiative, held at the National Theatre of Mont Fleuri, was orchestrated by Com & Click in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), and the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy. According to Com & Click, the documentary offers an insightful portrayal of Seychelles’ artisanal fishing history, complemented by interviews with seasoned fishermen in the field.

Marie Rignace, one of the producers and founders of Com & Click, conveyed the message to students that fishing is an intriguing profession deserving of appreciation. « I hope they will develop a desire to learn more and perhaps consider pursuing a career in fishing in the future, as it constitutes the second pillar of our economy », remarked Mrs. Rignace.

Participants commended the initiative for enhancing the younger generation’s understanding of government-enforced fishing regulations. Mentors emphasized fishing as a livelihood, a way of life, and a vital profession, urging youth to embrace its significance. Furthermore, students had the opportunity to engage with local fishermen, including Keith Andre, Mervin Cedras, and Rodney Nicole, posing inquiries regarding the sector’s challenges, inspirations behind their career choices, and advice for aspiring young individuals.

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